MOLAMO—Nordic Lifestyle(莫拉姆概念)立足北欧,传播北欧。是一家全面传播北欧设计时尚与生活态度的中文媒体。2011年,它诞生在北欧第一大城市斯德哥尔摩。 MOLAMO推崇令人向往的北欧生活方式:融汇自然与设计、简约与细节、传统与创意,更渗透着热爱生活、崇尚自由、鼓励个性的精神。 从家居到霓裳,从人文情怀到街头时尚,MOLAMO事无巨细、触类旁通,专注于北欧风尚的方方面面,并倾情与我们的中文读者共享。 MOLAMO同时致力于推广北欧优秀的产品,让热爱北欧生活时尚的人能亲身体验这扑面而来的”北欧风”。MOLAMO—Nordic Lifestyle(莫拉姆概念)MOLAMO传播北欧时尚、北欧设计和北欧生活方式。作为媒体,我们报道时尚和设计界的时事,采访设计师,介绍北欧生活,评论最新设计作品等。同时,我们架起中国和北欧文化交流的桥梁,运作推广北欧品牌,主办文化交流动。

MOLAMO, www.mnordic.com launched in 2011 in Stockholm, is a media focusing on spreading Nordic fashion and lifestyle to China. Nordic lifestyle in a nutshell presents a combined idea between nature and design, simplicity and detail, tradition and creativity, and is also an attitude conveying love, freedom and personality, which is absolutely in line with MOLAMO Concept. From charming home to stylish dressing, from cultural events to street fashiowww.mnordic.com, MOLAMO will from diverse perspective share the whole story of Nordic with our audience. We also publish detailed Nordic products information for our Chinese audience, which would offer them a more touchable Nordic lifestyle. We not only present Nordic lifestyle to our audience, but also try to bridge the communication between China and Scandinavia, ex., we can organize or assist brand marketing in China, and host or arrange events or activities for communications between China and Scandinavia, and so on.





Molamolo Nordic AB 

Råsundavägen 123
169 50 Solna Sweden   

Email: info@mnordic.com


This unique opportunity gives sponsors branding rights across every element of our Chinese promotional campaign and provides extensive profile and branding opportunities for Sponsors with our key target Chinese audiences, achieving a degree of exposure across the fashion, travel and lifestyle industries.

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